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DCI deny asking for huduma namba from Kenyans seeking police clearance

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has denied accusations that their officers are demanding for huduma namba as a condition for processing a certificate of good conduct.

DCI called out a tweep who had made the claim, terming him as a perpetrator of fake news.

“Dear #KOT, Please treat this @m_mugo88 ?? as FALSE information. For the record, we DO NOT require Huduma Number during the application process. For more information please read?? We encourage you to report any misleading material you spot @DCI_Kenya,” stated DCI.

Mugo had claimed; “A friend went to CID HQs to apply for a good conduct, shock on him he couldn’t proceed with the application apparently because he didn’t doesn’t have a huduma namba, that’s when I knew that having it is important.”

Users had already called him out with one writing; “Good conduct applications are done ONLINE and the Huduma Number isn’t required. Don’t lie to us boy.”

Another added; “Good Conduct Certificates are applied online. And this Huduma Number propaganda you’re implying is nonsensical.”