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DCI homicide division takes up investigations into Ken Walibora’s death

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has taken over investigations into the death iconic writer Ken Walibora two days after he was found at Kenyatta Nationa Hospital Mortuary.

Nairobi Central Police Commander Mark Wanjala said the DCI’s homicides division will take up the investigations previously conducted by traffic officers at Kamukunji Police Station.

“It may look like an ordinary accident and traffic police may tell you the deceased was on wrong (crossing at a non-designated point) when there is more. They (detectives) are going to get postmortem report and review the CCTVs and find out what happened,” Wanjala said.

Police will be tracing Walibora’s last movements before and after he parked his car along Kijabe Street.

The car was towed to Central Police Station after a member of public reported to the station.

A guard outside the building where the car was parked and a county government parking attendant gave conflicting reports on the dates Walibora left the car unattended but they agreed it was very early in the morning.

The guard said the car was left on Good Friday morning at 6am while the parking clerk said it she it was left on Thursday.

“He came from Harry Thuku road direction and parked here at around 6am and did not talk to me. He was dressed in a stripped T- shirt and open shoes and left holding the car keys only, the walked towards the (Grogon) roundabout,” the guard said.


“I could not understand why he was leaving the car to walk for the long distance yet there was no traffic anywhere in town but I could not ask him because he had no spoken to me. When I found it at the same point the next day, I began assuming this was a person who disagreed with either his employer over the car and decided to abandon it here for the owner to look for him.”

The guard said the place Walibora had parked was safe because it is guarded 24 hours a day was untouched for the period.

The county official said the car was left at the parking on Thursday. A shop keeper agreed with her as she said she left it several metres from her shop on Thursday evening and found it at the same point on Tuesday morning when she resumed business.

The parking official said she had informed her seniors who visited that the car had not been left there for days. They checked and found the owner had not paid for parking.

“We were not quick to clamp it because we assumed the owner could have left it there and before going to a hospital then quarantined. We were planning to tow it to safety today (Thursday) but found it had been carried away the previous evening,” she said.

Wanjala said a member of public who watched news of Walibora’s missing car went closer and read names Ken Waliaula Atanasi on a sticker and reported to police.