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DCI queries ‘missing links’ in Samidoh’s nephew death at DJ Fatxo’s flat

Singer Samido Muchoki’s family is in distress seeking answers and justice for their dead kin who died on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

Anne Wacuka, the mother of the late 23-year-old Jeff Mwathi, said that her son met with DJ Fatxo on the day and “he even took a short video to confirm they were together and sent it to me”.

The meeting ended up being a day of clubbing and drinking alcohol in four bars in Kiambu and Murang’a Counties until late.

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A scene of crime report filed at Kasarani police station indicates that Mr Mwathi’s body had an open skull, multiple fractures on legs and hands and was naked from the waist downwards.

The preliminary investigative report indicates that the late Mwathi, the DJ, and another man retired to the ill-fated house at around 3 am accompanied by three women.

“The six were joined by another male who is a relative of DJ Fatxo. About an hour later, DJ Fatxo left together with the three women and left (Mr) Mwathi in the company of the two males… Some minutes to 5am, the two men were captured by spy cameras going down to the ground, appeared as though scouting for something, one made a call and they went up back to the house,” the report reads.

 Seven minutes after they went up, a human of Mr Mwathi’s build is seen coming out of the window and descending to the ground. His body was later found on the concrete floor, lifeless.

A postmortem report attached to the investigative notes indicates that he died of acute trauma resulting from multiple injuries on the head and limbs. The head itself had burst open, the report adds.

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DJ Fatxo, in his statement, indicates that he returned to the house at around 9 am and found a scene in the compound, but he did not know that it was his contractor –Mr Mwathi–who was lying there dead.

He is seen in the spy cameras looking at the body, holding his face in consternation before going up to his house.

The two men in his house, in their police statements, say that Mr Mwathi died by suicide after jumping out of the room.

Under the investigation’s itemised ” missing links,” the sleuths have recorded the following as gaps to be filled: How long had Mr Mwathi known DJ Fatxo and in what aspect? What was Mr Mwathi’s history with the other two men captured in the video and their collective sexual orientation?

To unravel this, the detectives are visiting all the bars where Mr Mwathi was taken to collect as many behavioural relations between him and his company and especially the kind of drinks he was taking.

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Detectives also want to establish what the reaction of the two men was after they learnt that Mr Mwathi had died by suicide as they claimed, given that they remained indoors.

“It is peculiar that the two left (Mr) Mwathi in the house went down together and it was when they were up, the deceased exited the house to end up dead in the compound. There is a way under normal circumstances buddies will behave and this is a matter to be analysed with the help of experts and study of footages retrieved,” it reads.

DJ Fatxo is being investigated on why he ended up taking Mr Mwathi into an alcoholic binge and later into his house in the dead of the night if the principal need to meet him was to offer him an interior décor job.

Detectives also want to establish past mental diversities of the late Mwathi to ascertain whether he had exhibited suicidal thoughts “and especially why his mother was exhibiting open fear of movements of her son to a point of demanding video and audio evidence of where he was and meeting who”.

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