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DCI to investigate allegations of bribery against police officers in Kasarani

By Hilary Kimuyu February 24th, 2024 2 min read

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has launched an investigation into allegations of bribery involving officers stationed at Kasarani Police Station.

The decision follows a viral video clip that was shared on social media in which a woman expressed her frustration over unresolved case she had been pursuing.

In the video, the woman, identified as Irene, recounted her ordeal trying to recover money she had mistakenly sent to a wrong number while in Saudi Arabia.

She recounted her efforts to seek help, stating that she had reported the matter to the Kasarani DCI office and provided details of the location of the recipient of the funds.

According to Irene, she was then asked by the officers to provide Sh20,000 to fuel the vehicle that was to be used to arrest the suspect.

She also claimed to have received a request for Sh3,000 to facilitate the transport of officers to the suspect’s location as they couldn’t reach it in their police vehicle.

Shockingly, Irene claimed that she later discovered that the person who received the money was allegedly one of the officers involved in the operation.

Subsequently, Irene claimed that despite the arrest of the suspect who allegedly bribed the officers with Sh100,000, he was released and she received threats shortly after.

Her claims prompted a response from the DCI, who acknowledged the allegations and announced the launch of an investigation into the matter.

The DCI assured the public that the Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer (SCCIO/DCIO) in Kasarani had been instructed to expedite the investigation and submit a report on the findings. They also promised to make the results of the investigation public once it is complete, underlining their commitment to transparency and accountability.

“The Director DCI has directed the SubCounty Criminal Investigations Officer (SCCIO/DCIO) at Kasarani to fast track investigations into these allegations and report on the same,” the DCI stated. “We shall share the position of the matter including the action taken soon,” it said.

Following her unpleasant interaction with the officers, Irene mentioned that she had blocked their numbers, as her inquiries were met with rude responses.

Meanwhile, Irene revealed that she had blocked the numbers of the officials because of their allegedly rude responses when she tried to seek clarification on the situation.