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Dear KOT: DP Rigathi responds to memes about his dressing

By Wangu Kanuri September 14th, 2022 2 min read

The newly sworn-in Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has responded to Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) memes on his dressing.

In an interview, Mr Gachagua noted that his top priority was safety for his family and not the fit of his suits.

“When I see social media people talking about dressing, that would not have been a priority for me. I needed to be alive.

Now once I’m alive and I’m good I can get a good shape, trim well, reduce from 94kgs to 84kgs then fit in my old clothes,” he said.

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Adding that he laughed at the misguided priorities of his dressing because people did not know what he was going through, Mr Gachagua noted that their priorities were very different.

“My priority was to make sure that Dr William Ruto becomes the President of the Republic of Kenya. I had no time to think about anything else. I couldn’t think of anything else because if I was not smart and pray to God today I would not be here,” he explained.

On Tuesday morning, as Kenyans anxiously waited for the swearing-in of the President and Deputy President, Mr Gachagua was first seen gyming in his home.

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Saying that he had gained a lot of weight on the campaign trail but now he was focusing on keeping fit.

“Going forward I will be back in the gym, after some time people will like what they see, we did not have time to go buy new clothes so that you can cope with the extra weight,” he said.

Adding, “In three months, I will be in shape and they will love what they see,” he stated.

During his swearing-in, the DP was dressed in a fitting suit, unlike the other times where he was seen in oversized clothes raising concerns from Kenyans.

His clothing choice attracted comedians who created hilarious videos out of his dress.

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