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Dear men, here’s what you gain when you ‘simp’ for your women

By Winnie Mabel October 20th, 2023 2 min read

Urban slang defines a ‘simp’ as a person- often a man- who is perceived as overly attentive, submissive or overly generous to someone they are romantically interested in. They are believed to do this often to the point of self-sacrifice or placing the other person’s needs above their own. In Andrew Kibe’s world and those who share his controversial sentiments, using the word ‘simp’ is a means of insulting a man who is not ‘behaving’ like a real man. Apparently, this simp lacks self respect and machismo.

But you see, those men who sit down to spend time branding other men simps tend to do it out of deflection. They lack in many ways when it comes to the pursuit, wooing and locking down a women in commitment such that when they see other men succeed where they failed, the insults begin. I’m here to tell these Kibe diehards that there great benefits to ‘simping’, to showing a woman your heart and showering her with affection.

  1. You get to live longer unlike Kibe’s diehard followers- Studies suggest that men who tend to show women their true feelings and shower them with touch and affection have lower blood pressure and improved immune system function. And not just for the men, but further studies found that couples in such affectionate relationships tend to live longer, healthier lives. So simping is sort of like prescribing yourself more years to live.
  2. Boosted self esteem- While men are expected to behave manly, one grape away from being cave men, showing affection to a woman and receiving love and being cherished by their women will 100% boost their self-esteem and self-worth. Your happiness will be through the roof, and a loving and positive atmosphere will engulf you everywhere you go. You will literally be inviting peace into your life when you simp for her, there will be no need of throwing around the ‘women need to be their men’s peace’ phrases around this time.
  3. Great sexual satisfaction- Imagine that. Walking around tall, like the king of the world because you finally showed your woman your true heart and she gave herself to you with selfless, wild abandon. Do you know what it takes for some women to willingly sexually give themselves 1005 to a man? And she gives it to you? Simping for her (as part of wooing her) will lead to increased sexual intimacy and desire between the two of you, leaving you satisfied without the need of visiting barber shops and spas to see what color of thread was used on some skirts out there.
  4. Reduced stress- Research also has it that being affectionate with a partner triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and promotes feelings of well being. You will feel the trust levels are at optimum between you, there’s improved open communication between y’all and there’s a deeper sense of connection and fulfillment. At this point, you will be working smart at work instead of hard, just to rush home sooner to be with your woman!
  5. Better conflict resolution- At the end of the day, no one wants to go to bed with the headache of arguments. When couples engage in affectionate behavior, they may find it easier to resolve conflicts and disagreements in a more constructive and respectful manner.
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