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Embakasi hospital where patients brave leaking roofs, flooding floors – VIDEO

May 10th, 2019 1 min read

Embakasi Health Centre, a Level 3 hospital managed by the Nairobi county government, is a sight of shame after years of neglect.

It’s leaking roof, collapsing ceiling and flooding floors are an imminent risk to staff and patients.

It is the only publicly owned health facility in Embakasi East constituency. Area MP Babu Owino has disowned it, saying health is a devolved function.

In the current rainy season, the roof leaks and the rooms are waterlogged.

Staff and patients also risk electrocution as the water sips into walls and the lighting system.

A video of the hospital shared on Twitter by Philip Ogola showed soaked a ceilings and light bulbs dripping with rain water.

The pharmacy, where drugs are kept, made a mockery of the warning contained in medicine boxes –  store in a cool and dry place.

In the video, patients record files are seen placed on the flooded floors.

Patients have to wade through the flooded floors to get treated, that is if they are lucky to find medics in the leaking consultation rooms.

Most of the time, the nurses are not in their stations as they seek cover in the few dry rooms at the facility

MP Babu Owino confirmed to Nairobi News the sorry state of the hospital which he claims to have visited on Thursday

” I was there yesterday and I have seen the condition of the hospital. I have talked to the County and the facility will be renovated,” he told Nairobi News.

He promised to follow up on the matter with the county government.