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Defence CS Juma launches support group for military wives

By Amina Wako March 19th, 2021 2 min read

The Cabinet Secretary for Defence Dr. Monica Juma on Wednesday launched the Military Wives Association of Kenya (MWAK).

The association provides a platform to exchange ideas, interact and provide benefits to members, as a support system to families of the deceased, persons with disability, retired and serving personnel of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

In the event held at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, the CS Defence commended the Chairperson MWAK, Mrs. Tabitha Kibochi, and her team for conceiving and birthing the association, saying its aim is noble in promoting the welfare of the families of Officers and Service Members of the KDF whether serving, retired or deceased.

“The welfare of our troops is of utmost importance in the Ministry of Defence. It is known that a soldier performs best in his line of duty when he knows that his family back at home is taken care of. I therefore have no doubt that the work and activities of the MWAK will support and augment the official efforts within the Ministry with regard to the welfare of families, children and widows of all ranks including those of retired personnel,” she said.

Speaking during the inaugural ceremony Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), General Robert Kibochi recognized the vital role played by the wives of soldiers in taking care of that which cannot be regimented within the direct military chain of command.

“The complementary role played by women, both as spouses and parents ensures that the soldier can singularly focus on mission readiness. I commend all those who have actively participated in the development of frameworks upon which this organization is founded,” said the CDF.

MWAK Chairperson Mrs. Tabitha Kibochi said the association seeks to improve the Welfare of KDF soldiers in many areas including maternal healthcare.

“We hope to achieve milestones in collaboration with the Compensation and Welfare department at the Defence Headquarters and additionally seek ideas from other charities for the benefit of our military families,” said Mrs. Kibochi.

She expressed her gratitude to the CDF and the entire KDF family for the support accorded to the welfare department to ensure welfare programs are fully implemented.

Instruments of power were officially handed over to the leadership of the association during the ceremony mandating them to fully roll out their activities.

Present during the inauguration ceremony were KDF Service Commanders, General Officers, Senior Officers, Officers, MWAK Members among other invited guests.