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Defiant Keter refuses to apologise for weighbridge drama

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, who was caught on tape verbally abusing officers at the Gilgil weighbridge, on Sunday said he had no apologies for his utterances.

In a bare knuckle interview on NTV, Mr Keter was asked whether he had any regrets for all that he said during the hour-long altercation.

The youthful MP insisted that his outburst was necessary.

“I want to say, I had to overreact as I am facing corruption…I want to say it was very necessary…it was important then,” he said.

The interview that was watched across the country triggered reactions on twitter using the hashtag #PrinceofImpunity.


Kenyans were irked by the conduct of Mr Keter together with his counterpart URP Nominated MP Sunjeev Birdi during the incident caught in a six minute video that has gone viral on YouTube.

Joseph Jose N™ ‏@JosephJoseN tweeted, “#PrinceOfImpunity African leaders are drunk with power.”

Ravi ‏@RavS82 tweeted, “Keter wanted to show corruption why didn’t he contact @EACCKenya? This #PrinceOfImpunity is a joker.”

Adima Mesa ‏@AdimaMesa tweeted, “The sheer arrogance displayed by these people claiming to fight corruption is so disgusting #PrinceOfImpunity.”

Nominated MP Sonia, who was initially mentioned as the owner of the impounded truck, dismissed ownership of the same during the interview, stating that she was acting for people who sought her help.

She added that “when people approach you and say they need your help, as a leader you need to check what the problem is.”

“When I say it’s mine, I am standing for my is not mine, I was acting on behalf of the people who called me. I represent the interest of businessmen,” said Ms Sonia.

The two legislators were at Gilgil weighbridge on Saturday evening where an altercation over a truck that required an exemption permit ensued.

An officer at the weighbridge recorded Mr Keter on tape as he threatened to ‘reverse the law’ and name-dropped that State House comptroller had called the officers.

State House later issued a statement denying any links to the incident and applauding the weighbridge officers who resisted intimidation.