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Defiant Pastor Ng’ang’a says he’ll defeat his enemies

It was business as usual on Sunday for Pastor James Ng’ang’a as he preached to hundreds of his followers in the wake of claims he was being protected from prosecution after allegedly causing an accident in which a woman died.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church — Neno Evangelism Centre — in Nairobi was full to the brim as the controversial preacher used scriptures to spell doom for people questioning the “man of God” and threw jibes at those who have linked him to the fatal road accident in Limuru.

The church was full by 10.30am, almost an hour before he began the sermon. He started preaching at 11.30am and the sermon was centred on fighting and overcoming enemies.

The faithful was on hand to ululate and scream at every taunt the preacher shot at the media for following up the story and for pushing him to account for the accident.


By the time he was done at 1pm, the congregation was charged up in opposition against the “work of the devil”.

“Let us work together in this battle. There are so many people who can testify about good things that Pastor Ng’ang’a has done to them. Those who are with the Lord can never be defeated,” he said.

The preacher, who is popularly known as Apostle Ng’ang’a, and who is not new to controversy, was allegedly driving a car on the wrong side of the road that was involved in an accident with another car in Tigoni, Limuru, in Kiambu County, that led to the death of Mercy Njeri.


The accident happened late last month but only came to the limelight following allegations of a well-coordinated cover-up involving police officers aimed at protecting the pastor.

On Sunday, Pastor Ng’ang’a remained defiant, warning that those who had developed the habit of attacking him were doing so at their own peril.


He said the allegations were made by “enemies” who were jealous of his church’s plan to construct a storey building worth millions of shillings.

“Wait and see what will happen to those who are attacking the servant of God. They have decided to attack him and have also let their children to do so but God is with him. Soon you will see what will happen to them. Jesus said during the last days you will be taken to court, don’t be shaken,” he said, attracting a huge applause from the congregation.

He also questioned the pursuit of the story by the Nation and NTV.

“Why is that only Nation (Media Group) is pursuing this story? Other stations like citizen, K24 or others are not doing so? It is like there is something behind this,” he said.

The NMG has been doing the stories for public interest.

SOURCE: Daily Nation