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Defilement suspect arrested at 14-year old’s home.

A 22-year-old reportedly arrested while allegedly fetching his 14 -year-old girlfriend at her parents’ house for a “sexcapade” has been asked to deposit an Sh300,000 bond and a surety of a similar amount in exchange for temporary freedom.

The bodaboda rider is accused of defiling the victim for 11 days – between October 11 and 22 last year in the Kamwene area, Riruta, Dangoretti sub-county in Nairobi, after she went to visit him and ended up cohabiting with him for the period.

He is facing an alternative count of indecent acts with the minor in contravention of the sexual offences Act of 2006.

The victim’s mother found her living with the suspect, took her to the hospital for a medical examination, and later reported to the police.

But she never made a follow up with the case until she saw the suspect with her daughter near her home and informed a cop. The police officer arrested the suspect and detained him.

The victim’s mother had received information from her teacher who called and informed after he saw her with the suspect.

During the police investigations, the victim confessed that she was in a love affair with the suspect and he used to pick her up at their home, take her to his friend’s house for intimate relations before dropping her home later.

Her parents were looking for her as a missing person as she cohabited with the suspect.

But the suspect then denied charges before senior principal magistrate Philip Mutua who set the bond terms for him. The case will be mentioned on January 20.