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Defying critics: Mary Kilobi’s heartwarming birthday tribute to Francis Atwoli

Love and warmth filled the air as media personality Mary Kilobi, wife of Francis Atwoli, took to Instagram to shower her ‘Prince Charming’ with a heartfelt birthday tribute.

Alongside a picture of Atwoli sitting gracefully on a bench, Kilobi’s caption was overflowing with affection and well wishes.

Pouring out her heart, she wrote: “Today is a special day, my prince charming’s birthday! May you grow younger with each passing day, Franco. I wish you endless happiness, robust health and pure bliss. May God’s watchful eye protect you from all evil and fight your battles bravely. Happy birthday, my Bazuu Bazenga!”

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Secretary General COTU Francis Atwoli. PHOTO| COURTESY

Not to be left out of the celebrations, Atwoli himself shared his joy on social media, exclaiming, “Happy birthday to me!”

Despite the considerable age difference of 35 years between them, Kilobi, Atwoli’s fourth wife, stood firmly by his side, reaffirming her unwavering commitment to their marriage and silencing the sceptics.

Addressing the doubters with grace, Kilobi penned a message of resilience, proclaiming: “Insults, hatred and triumph can never coexist in the same sentence, Kenya. Life is abundant and moments are fleeting. There’s always tomorrow! Let’s abandon animosity and cultivate love to maintain harmony!”

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United in matrimony since 2018, Kilobi consistently takes every opportunity to express her boundless love for Atwoli and share pearls of wisdom on marriage.

The Instagram post received an outpouring of heartfelt birthday wishes in the comments section, with messages such as “Happy birthday to Elder! May he be blessed with many more” and “You and Emmy Kosgei have a secret that eludes most. Happy birthday!”

In a world where love and commitment often come under undue scrutiny, Kilobi’s genuine and tender birthday tribute is a poignant reminder of the enduring power of love and the unbreakable strength of their bond.

Amidst the excitement, Atwoli, the Secretary General of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions of Kenya (COTU), was making waves at the prestigious 344th International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

He had been elected to the esteemed position of Global Vice-Chairperson.

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