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Dennis Itumbi pens emotional letter to Maribe’s son

State House Secretary of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi has written an emotional letter to Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s son as his mother stands trial for murder.

The TV journalist, in an affidavit, pleaded with the court to free her on bail so she can tend to four-year-old son who is suffering from her absence.

In his letter to Zahari, Itumbi tells the young boy to always remember that despite what will happen, his mother loved him and that she had friends who stood by her.

“Mum has friends, who stood by her because they know, she is the true definition of Love. When she loved she gave her soul and heart as it should be. She loves with all she got. Pure and true,” posted Itumbi.


He added that he prays for justice for all involved.

“By the time you read this in the future, she will be free, will have written a great book and all that negativity about her will have been replaced by the reality that Mum is a lovely human being,” added Itumbi.

Itumbi tells young Zahari to remember that her mother was never alone and she lived well with people and her friends stood with her.

“I am not a perfect friend, but like all her friends, we all aim for perfection, just like her. God strengthen Mum,” concludes Itumbi.

Ms Maribe has insisted that she was neither involved in the murder of Ms Kimani nor present during the occurrence of the crime.