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Dennis Itumbi: Shut up about blogger Bogonko’s disappearance!

President William Ruto’s confidant Mr Dennis Itumbi has revealed that his job nowadays involves running errands for the government at a time when social media netizens are wondering when he will be “rewarded”.

In his New Year message that was published by Citizen TV, Mr Itumbi added that the job is voluntary for now but will by mid this month become more definable to Kenyans as they experience him making the government tell its development stories in a unique way.

“My job is that of come-here-go-there, a very interesting job. It has a job description and its contract is with the people of Kenya through their president… The come-here-go-there is working very well and I am a happy man. For the moment it is voluntary job… It was not about positions but putting in place a government that serves…” Itumbi said.

Mr Itumbi has also branded those who associate him with the disappearance of journalist-cum-blogger Bogonko Bosire in September 2013 as noisemakers with hypocritical concern for a victim who earlier suffered as they watched.

Journalist-cum-blogger Bogonko Bosire who has been missing since September 2013. PHOTO | COURTESY

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Both Itumbi and Bosire graduated from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) in 2004 where they studied Broadcast Journalism and were birds of the same feather in what their peers describe as brutally ambitious, happy rumble rousers, radical activists, icy word smiths and generally good sadists.

They both worked in several media houses before they converged in political activism and Bosire launching Jackal News blog on which Itumbi helped serve with ‘sensational exposes’ that respected or feared none.

“Most of the people who speak about Bogonko Bosire were not concerned about him when he was alive. These are all players who came when he was no longer being seen. There is no confirmation about his death but due to his lengthy disappearance… there are those of us who believe that he may be dead… but there is brutal hope that one day he will probably just appear,” he said.

He hit out further at them saying the dwellers of the city do not understand the feelings of the village hunter.

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“Bogonko’s relationship with me was too close. He went to a rehab. None of these guys who make a lot of noise about the issue was around for him then… he was at one time kicked out of a job… I got him a job in Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns. None of these guys making a lot of noise was there for him when he was suffering in the streets,” Itumbi said.

He further said he has done enough to participate in the search for Mr Bogonko.

“I am the one who looked for his phone signal records, transactions… when he got lost and to date, I keep my networks alive in the search.”

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Rumours advanced about Bogonko’s disappearance range from getting involved too much in scandal news against cartels, involvement in International Criminal Court (ICC) politics about local suspects regarding the 2007/8 Post Election Violence, extortion and victim of terrorism in the September 21 Westgate terror attack where 68 people died.

Itumbi also explained that he fell out with President Kenyatta when he defied the head of state’s orders to stop supporting Dr Ruto’s bid for the State House job.

“My fallout with president Kenyatta was because he wanted me to stop supporting Dr Ruto for the presidency… I, with all due respect, told him (President) that I could not do that… I was not going back on my word (about supporting Dr Ruto to the very end),” he said.

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He revealed that during Dr Ruto’s presidential campaign he came up with the Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) which kept their supporters with leaks from the deep state and the system.

“It had become such a force to the point the head of state would acknowledge in his state meetings that I know our deliberations will reach HNIB and Itumbi,” Itumbi said.

He added that the truth and factuality behind HNIB exposes and ‘declassification’ of state secrets made the mighty cow from suing him for fear of more truth spilling out.

“I used to meet my sources (to feed me with intelligence) in hospital wards because that was the most unimaginable place to detect… we were heavily tracked and traced… ” he said.

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