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Dennis Karuri: I blame the white and religion, men should wear makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Dennis Karuri claims religion is the reason makeup is still considered feminine.

In his understanding, Karuri says makeup isn’t tied to any particular gender and as a matter of fact, it owes its origin to Africa.

“Make up is not limited to any specific group of individuals, anyone can wear makeup. Africans wore makeup but with the arrival of colonialism and religion certain perceptions developed such as the belief that men shouldn’t wear makeup. These systems came with the white people and religion,” Karuri said.

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Kenyan makeup artist Dennis Karuri. PHOTO | COURTESY

The outspoken makeup artist has also pointed out that for years Africans had their own form of makeup known as red ochre which was applied to hair and parts of the faces. Todate, Maasai Morans still decorate themselves with the ochre.

Similarly, ancient Egyptians men wore makeup and other jewels to make themselves look much better because they cared about their appearances.

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“Before societal norms and systems were imposed Africans had their own culture and ways. If you are to do your research you will realize men used to apply red ochre. It was a form of beauty, identity and belonging,” he said.

As such, Karuri argues that with the rise of male makeup artists, like himself, it isn’t in order for the society to continue casting aspersions on them.

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