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Dennis Ombachi celebrates his young son for finishing first in school race

Kenya Sevens rugby player Dennis Ombachi is over the moon after his little son finished first in what appeared to have been a school sports event.

The father of two who recorded the moment saying the young one could be following his footsteps.

As the little boy competed, Ombachi would be heard cheering him on.

While this was a more positive news, last year Ombachi was bashed online for tossing the baby into a swimming pool.

Apparently, according to Ombachi, the boy had just finished water safety lessons and tossing him into the swimming pool was his way of announcing to the world how much of a skilled swimmer his son had become.

“Four weeks since we started water safety classes and my son graduated today, officially water safe! In the last class he gets to go in with 4 layers of clothing including two diapers, more than doubling his weight in water,” Ombachi had captioned the viral video.

Surprisingly, on hitting the water, the boy flipped himself over to his back and does some backstroke.

Late last year, Ombachi would yet again find himself on the receiving end after he put his son on a leash.

Ombachi, who is also a self-taught chef, at the time said the leash is the best way to keep his son from wandering especially in an airport.

“With this one, you blink and he is gone, this leash is the best thing ever. Especially at the airport,” he tweeted.