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Stubborn deputy governor placed under forced quarantine after trip to Germany

Tension is brewing in Kilifi over a possible spread of the Covid-19 after Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi, who travelled back from Germany, allegedly refused to quarantine himself for the mandatory 14 days.

A senior county official has confirmed the reports that the deputy governor has been placed under quarantine for 14 days after he refused to go into self-isolation after the foreign trip.

“It is true he failed to put himself in 14 days quarantine but I cannot discuss more on this through the phone,” said the official who also did not immediately reveal details on where the deputy governor is being quarantined.


When the Nation contacted Mr Saburi for comment on the allegations, he did not respond to phone calls.

Locals took to the social media to condemn the deputy governor, referring to him as a “selfish and irresponsible leader” who has put the lives of many Kilifi residents at risk.