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Desperate city man resorts to bizarre tactics to find elusive job – VIDEO

Desperation and poverty have driven a man in Nairobi to crazy extents to find a job, including write a letter asking the government to kill him.

Athanus Muthiani, 30, says he was laid off from his job as a cashier at a local company mid last year and has since then been unsuccessful in getting employed again.

So recently, Mr Muthiani wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the County Government of Nairobi and even the City Mortuary asking for permission to kill his family and himself due to the frustrations he has faced in his life.


“I am writing this letter to request that I terminate my family and myself as soon as possible. I wish to carbon copy the police to shoot me on sight to ease the whole process…” read part of the letter that requested that three drawers be saved at the City Mortuary for Mr Muthiani, his wife and child.

He said that after losing his job, his friends shunned him and considered him a pariah. They did not want to help him or even associate with him anymore.

He says he was forced to sell his possessions and move back to his rural home. There, his family was received with coldness, with claims that his wife, who is also unemployed, had treated his relatives with disdain in their better days.

“We stayed there for only one week before we were told to go away. I talked to my in laws, who agreed to take in their daughter and our child. She is staying with her sister in Nairobi, while I am being hosted by my friend in Mathare as I look for a job, as I have no home,” the 30 year old explained.

Mr Muthiani since last year has carried placards in various streets in the city, with a summary of his education and qualifications.


A few people have invited him for interviews, but he has never been called for a job. He even used social media, sending requests to his governor, the President and his former employers for job opportunities. All this was unsuccessful.

“I had to think of a way to get people’s attention. I love literature, so I used those skills to write the letter. I posted one around GPO and even tried o sneak one copy to State House. The askaris found me and beat me up,” he said.

He said that he hopes the letters will yield more job offers for him, but so far the only call he has received was from a hotline for suicidal people. In short, he does not plan to carry on with the threat to kill and suicide, just a way to draw attention.