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Details emerge of gangster pastor masterminding a robbery in Kitui

More details have emerged about the pastor and worshipper who orchestrated a violent robbery at Kavisuni market in Kitui.

The incident, which left the pastor dead and his accomplice wounded, sheds light on the unexpected double life of these individuals, who preached the gospel by day and engaged in criminal activity by night.

The pastor, identified as Ezekiel Muinde Mwangangi, was a prominent figure in the local community, serving as a preacher at the Heaven City Chapel in the Soweto area of Kitui. In addition to his pastoral duties, Mwangangi oversaw a new branch of the church in Kauma Market, just a few kilometres away.

But behind this facade of religious leadership, Mwangangi and his accomplice, whose identity remains unknown, had a darker agenda.

Last week, they targeted a wholesale shop owned by Muli Munyoki, posing as police officers investigating stolen goods. Once inside, they revealed their true intentions and robbed Munyoki at gunpoint.

The scene turned chaotic when police officers from the nearby Kavisuni police station intervened.

Confronted by law enforcement, the robbers attempted to flee on a motorbike. Ignoring orders to surrender, they brandished weapons, prompting the officers to open fire. Mwangangi was fatally shot, while his accomplice managed to escape with bullet wounds.

Subsequent investigations revealed the shocking truth: the perpetrators, including the deceased pastor, were leading double lives as preachers and criminals. It emerged that Mwangangi hailed from Tiva village in the Kwa Vonza area, where he attended Tiva Primary School. His wife was reportedly employed by a leading supermarket chain.

Further investigation revealed the meticulous planning behind the robbery. Prior to the crime, Mwangangi and his accomplice tricked a friend into lending them a motorcycle registration number KMDG 118K  under false pretences, claiming it would be used to transport church equipment to an open crusade. Instead, they embarked on their nefarious scheme at Kavisuni market, nearly 40 kilometres away.

The revelation of Mwangangi’s involvement in the robbery has sent shockwaves through the local community.

Kalimani chief Cyrus Kitwai Malombe, who confirmed Mwangangi’s leadership role in the Soweto church, expressed disbelief at the pastor’s double identity.

The community, once familiar with Mwangangi’s involvement in church activities, is now coming to terms with the stark reality of his criminal activities.

The Chief said last month, the church had a week-long daily afternoon crusade at Soweto Township, where the robber participated.

According to Kitui County Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Eng Samuel Bett, police officers were not aware that the robbers were masquerading as pastors.

“The information about the robber being a pastor emerged later after his body had been taken to the mortuary,” the DCI boss said.

Eng Bett confirmed that several people have been questioned by detectives including the owner of the motorcycle used by the robbers while other members of the public have volunteered crucial information.