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Details of Ababu’s deal with Hollywood based Invention Studios

By Winnie Onyando February 14th, 2024 2 min read

Kenya’s film industry is poised for a transformative phase following the sealing of a partnership between the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports and Hollywood-based Invention Studios.

The collaboration is expected to revolutionise the filmmaking landscape in Kenya, offering new opportunities for filmmakers, writers and directors to showcase their talents beyond the country’s borders.

The Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, Kenya’s film industry has reached a milestone. Namwamba emphasised that despite being one of the most beautiful locations on the continent, Kenya has often been overlooked by Hollywood.

However, this partnership aims to change that narrative by promoting Kenya as a prime location for filming.

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The partnership will include training programmes for film industry players, with exchange programmes allowing Kenyan creatives to gain insights from elite film professionals from Hollywood and other regions.

“There are also plans to produce high-quality films locally, marking a shift towards serious and curated film production in Kenya,” CS Ababu said.

This collaboration follows a presidential statement during last year’s Jamhuri Day celebrations, which indicated Invention Studios’ commitment to producing films in Kenya from 2024.

The government has also demonstrated its support for the creative industries by forging partnerships with prestigious entities such as the Grammy Awards and securing agreements with Hollywood studios to produce films in Kenya.

Nicholas Weinstock, Founder and President of Invention Studios, was enthusiastic about the collaboration, emphasising the studio’s commitment to supporting African content creators.

The partnership aims to develop scripts in collaboration with Kenyan writers and provide platforms to showcase their work locally, across Africa and internationally.

“In addition, the exchange programmes facilitated by the partnership will enable Kenyan creatives to gain exposure and experience in Hollywood, while attracting industry professionals to Kenya,” said Weinstock.

These initiatives are expected to stimulate the growth of the local film industry and position Kenya as a preferred destination for filmmakers worldwide.