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Details of MP Kaluma’s Anti LBGTQ Bill

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has defended his push for banning LBGTQ associations, saying it is meant to save humanity from extinction.

The MP said letting such groups register will reduce the population around the globe, which will eventually lead to the extinction of mankind.

He said recognition of the group would lead to same-sex marriages.

He added that such couples could not sire children, thus reducing the population.

“It will reach a time when man will marry a dog. We don’t want to get to a point where instead of multiplying, our population gets down because of mistakes we can prevent now,” Mr Kaluma said.

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He challenged people claiming to be gays and lesbians to emulate animals who, according to him, do not engage in homosexuality.

“Look at the houseful for example, the male knows the female and vice versa. You can’t tell me that petrol is put in the exhaust pipe of a car when the fuel tank is there,” Mr Kaluma said.

The MP challenged other like-minded persons to support him, adding that scientists are fighting hard to save some animal species from extinction and, therefore, man should also be helped from being wiped out of the earth’s surface.

He has finalised drafting a proposed bill that he hopes will criminalize homosexuality by sending offenders to life imprisonment or the death penalty.

The legislator who strongly came out to oppose a Supreme Court ruling that allowed registration of LBGTQI said he would not relent in his quest to push the government to ban homosexuality in the county.

Immediately after the apex court gave its verdict that allowed the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC) to be registered as a legal NGO, different people had different options regarding how the decision will impact Kenyans.

Although homosexuality is illegal in the country, the court said homosexuals could not be denied the opportunity to have an association.

After writing to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula, about his intention to present a bill that bans homosexuality, the legislator said the proposed law is ready to be presented before parliament.

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Initially, it was called the anti-Homosexuality Act of Kenya.

But the legislator changed it to the Family Protection Act of Kenya.

Mr Kaluma said the proposed law will deal with the issues beyond homosexuality, so he changed the name to protect Kenyan families.

“Over the period I came out to oppose this, I learnt that there are 23 gender categories including lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender, quir among others. This is against what religion teaches us that God created man and woman,” he said.

In the bill, Mr Kaluma said gender would be determined at birth, and that will be final.

This will happen when medics at the hospital conduct physical and biological observations of the genitals when a child is born.

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It means whoever tries to change their gender when they get old, as has happened in the past, may find it difficult to do so as the law will prohibit it if the bill is passed.

“We do not want a situation where someone refers to himself as a male in the morning and becomes a female in the afternoon. Once you are classified as a male at birth, that will be the final as the law will not allow you to change it,” Mr Kaluma said.

Another component of the bill is the proposal to have gays and lesbians jailed for life.

There are currently laws that prohibit homosexuality in the country.

It includes seven years imprisonment for people who come to homosexuality and 14 years for whoever forces another person to the act.

In the proposed law, Mr Kaluma wants people who consent to homosexuality to be jailed for life and those who force others into the same sex to be sentenced to death.

According to the legislator, the tough penalties will discourage people who take advantage of children by abusing their sexual rights.

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He said the idea came after stories of minors in children’s homes being abused were exposed.

“Whoever forces the other into same sex relationship will cater for medical bills when the victim undergoes medical care,” Mr Kaluma said.

In the court, ruling judges said that the Constitution guarantees the right and freedom to associate and that it was discriminatory for the NGO Coordination Board to reject the application of LGBTQI groups for registration based on sexual orientation.

There is a concern that some individuals may have registered their groups as the national debate continues.

In the proposed law, such groups will be deregistered and cease to exist. Mr Kaluma added that some people unknowingly might be recruited to join homosexual groups.

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Among them are teenagers who are easily persuaded.

The legislator said his bill would create a rehabilitation scheme to offer guidance and counselling to people aligning themselves with gay or lesbian groups.

“We will create a medical fund for those who find themselves in the groups without knowing,” Mr Kaluma said.

The bill will undergo its first reading this week, just before MPs go for a short break.

Mr Kaluma called on his colleagues to support his proposals saying if it fails, the government will be forced to introduce comprehensive sex education in the curriculum, which according to him, contains pornographic materials.

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