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Detectives probing how ‘miracle water’ influenced murder suspect’s acquittal

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in Homa Bay are contemplating summoning a renowned televangelist to record statement on claims that he used miracles to influence a murder case.

Detectives want the clergyman to shed light on what he knows about how a judge acquitted a member of his church for lack of sufficient evidence after he gave the accused man “miracle water” for the judge to rule in his favour.

The clergyman is believed to be having crucial information that will enable DCI officers to establish whether someone had a hand on how the murder case was ruled. Two security guards and some court staff have already been summoned and have recorded their statements over the same.

In a video from the church, the clergyman is seen questioning one of his congregants about how he won a case at Homa Bay High Court.

In response, the man who was a police officer in Ndhiwa before being interdicted, said he managed to get off the hook after the televangelist gave him “miracle water” which he sprayed in the courtroom and on the chair used by the judge.

According to the man, the said “miracle water” influenced the judge’s decision to set him free. The man had been charged with shooting and killing another person in 2017 at Riata trading centre when he was a police officer.

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Homa Bay DCI Commander Abed Kavoo said the suspect was transferred to Siaya County by the National Police Service.

“His case was ongoing when he served in the neighbouring county. He was later interdicted,” Kavoo said.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority (Ipoa) was among bodies investigating the murder case. Homa Bay High Court Judge Kiarie W. Kiarie had set December 20 as the day for deriving his judgment. He acquitted the suspect on grounds that there was no evidence linking him to the murder.

Some days later, a video emerged of the suspect giving a testimony in church saying he won his freed because of the “miracle water” he was given by the clergyman.

According to the man, he managed to get into the courtroom at night and sprinkled the water on different surfaces including on the bench. He claimed he got access to the court compound after negotiating with the security guards.

According to Mr Kavoo, investigators had lapses in the case file that made the judge to rule in favour of the suspect as there was nothing linking him to the murder.

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But the matter raised eyebrows as other parties were concerned on whether it was possible to influence a case through prayers. Mr Kavoo said he cannot ascertain the truth about the incident.

“We have summoned individuals involved in the case to record statements,” he said.

Among those who will be questioned is the judge on whether he noticed anything suspicious in the courtroom when he was delivering his judgment.

“The judge himself is concerned about his wellbeing at the court. We have however assured him that such a thing cannot happen since the court room is always locked at night,” he said.

Mr Kavoo added that the suspect will be questioned as well. DCI officers have since asked security guards at the court to increase vigilance and not to let any authorized person within the court premises. Mr Kavoo also proposed the installation of CCTV cameras in areas like the court.

“If we had the footage from the court, we would have established if the incident really happened,” he said.

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