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Diamond defends Magufuli’s unconventional fight against Covid-19

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has defended President John Magufuli for his unconventional methods of trying to stop the spread of Covid-19 in his country.

The Bongo music star defended Magufuli amid wide criticism over his controversial remarks and steps to take the coronavirus.

Diamond shared a video of US president Donald Trump on social media, talking about reopening the American economy after weeks of the being under lockdown.

According to the singer, Magufuli was right all along not to effect a total lockdown in Tanzania since it does not guarantee that no transmission of the virus would take place, but will only cause adverse effects to a country’s economic activities.

The Jeje hit maker said countries should not copy what others in the West are doing, but come up with solutions that best fits their nation.

“Nafkiri sasa Mmegundua ni Kias gani Rais wetu John Pombe Magufuli Anaakili na hafanyi Vitu kwa Mihemko ….sio kila kitu tunatakiwa kuiga, vitu vingine lazma tuvitatue kulingana na Uhalisia wa Nchi yetu…Tuendelee kuchukua taadhali na kufata Maelekezo kutoka wataalam wa Afya ili kuendelea na Mpambano zidi ya Ugonjwa huu wa KORONA,” Diamond Platinumz posted on Instagram.

Magufuli has been adamant that he will not place his country under lockdown, including implementing other measures like fumigation.

The Tanzanian head of state claimed that fumigation only kills mosquitoes and cockroaches and not the coronavirus.

The East African country has 509 confirmed Covid-19 cases.