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Diamond: I regret dumping Jokate, maybe I was bewitched

Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz, says he regrets dumping his ex-girlfriend model Jokate Kidoti, adding that he may have been bewitched to walk out on her.

The singer, who is known to be a ladies man, has also admitted that he still hurts from his breakup with the sexy lass, who was recently handed a powerful government position by President John Magufuli.

Diamond’s comments during an interview with a Tanzanian TV station came as Jokate was being sworn in on Friday as the new District Commissioner for Kisarawe following her appointment last week.

“Jokate was very innocent and never did anything wrong to me. I put her through a lot of trouble and created a perception in peoples mind that she was a bad girl who had snatched me from Wema (Sepetu). Truth is I’m the one who pursued her. I dated her then broke up with her without a reason and run back to Wema,” Diamond narrated.


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The singer also blamed the folly of youth for his actions.

“To date I don’t know why I left her, maybe I was bewitched because she did nothing wrong. She is hard working and has built a career for herself. She is still my friend but every time she visits I feel ashamed of the situation. I still feel bad about it,” he added.

After the breakup, Jokate went on to date Diamond’s nemesis Alikiba for close to two years.

Jokate and Alikiba’s relationship ended last year when she learnt that the artiste was planning to take someone else for a wife.