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Diamond: I’ve always known Mzee Abdul Juma is not my real father

By Thomas Matiko January 29th, 2021 2 min read

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz real name Naseeb Abdul Juma has come out to support her mother’s assertion that Mzee Abdul Naseeb Juma was not his biological father as many believe.

This comes two weeks after Diamond’s mother, Bi Sandra alias Mama Dangote, shocked the world with her revelation that Mzee Abdul Naseeb Juma was not his star son’s real father.

Mama Dangote’s revelations followed claims by Mzee Abdul that he had been neglected by his filthy rich superstar son after photos of him hawking in Dar es Salaam went viral.

Mzee Abdul appeared to blame his ex-wife for allegedly discouraging his son from helping him.

In her revelation, she claimed that by the time she got hitched to Mzee Abdul she was already pregnant with Diamond from a previous relationship her new husband knew and accepted it.

According to Bi Sandra, Mzee Abdul had agreed to raise the baby with her but when Diamond was born he fled when the musician was just a toddler leaving her to struggle to raise him.

She added that were it not for her elder sister, mother to Diamond’s personal DJ Rommy Jons who came to her aid and helped her raise the little boy, she would not have managed.

In a recent interview with Wasafi FM, Diamond revealed that he came to learn that Mzee Abdul was not his biological father in 2000 courtesy of Rommy Jons’ mother.

“Ni kweli mzee Abdul sio baba yangu mzazi,. Lakini tangu mtoto nilikuwa nampenda sana mpaka mwaka 2000 ndio mama yake Romy Jons akaniambia ukweli. Hakuna mtu ambaye alikuwa anajua ukweli kwa sababu ndugu zangu wote niliwakusanya kwa upendo kuanzia wakina Ricardo (Momo) na Queen Darling,” Diamond explained.

The Wasafi CEO went on to explain that despite the revelation he had continued to respect Mzee Abdul as his father despite walking out on them when he still a little baby.

“Hata baada ya kujua ukweli bado mapenzi yangu makubwa yalibaki kwa mzee Abdul kama babangu lakini kwa bahati mbaya yeye aliniweka mbali sana.” He added.

He defended his mother for spilling the beans saying she was infuriated by Mzee Abdul’s claims that he was not supporting him financially.

However, many have questioned why she decided to name Diamond after Mzee Abdul while many others doubted her story due to Diamond’s striking resemblance to Mzee Abdul.

In her defense, she said that at the time Diamond was born, she was married to Mzee Abdul and he vowed to help her raise him only to disappear a few years later.