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Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend, Zuchu, planning to sue after being body shamed

By Winnie Mabel September 13th, 2022 2 min read

Tanzanian songstress, and girlfriend to megastar Diamond Platinumz, Zuchu took to Instagram to announce she will be suing an influencer for body shaming her.

In the Monday, September 12, 2022, post, Zuchu said she was looking for guidance from various women representatives on how to deal with Ostaz Juma alias OJ Facts.

OJ Facts said Zuchu was blessed with a singing voice but her body wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

OJ said that Zuchu had inherited her mother’s good singing voice but not her body but hadn’t been blessed with a good backside that he considered flat and a ‘humble’ chest.

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He also hoped Zuchu would not become as plus-sized as her mother, legendary singer Khadija Kopa, currently is but would gain an admirable chest from her mother’s genes.

He asked Diamond Platnumz to accept her as she is and not ruin her life and career.

In response, Zuchu called out OJ for seeking popularity using her name, saying chasing clout in this manner without talent is not always a positive thing.

“I have never looked for respect from human beings. I don’t waste my time and it’s not my effort. But I think there is a time when you have to teach people how to respect you.

I am a daughter with brothers, friends and family that surround me but maybe I am a mirror to some people.”

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She added, “He has never ridiculed anyone, he is not controversial and I know clearly to my knowledge that I don’t know this man at all. I think the time has come for us to be careful of the words we utter.”

Zuchu noted, “I am in talks with institutions that are concerned with women’s rights. I am still looking for the right guidance. If you are there, I request your cooperation.

I am not really perfect but talking about my body and that of my parent and humiliating us for the sake of gaining social advantage I don’t think it is right.”

“I have spoken to my manager and we are already dealing with this legally. I don’t like and I am not amused by such intentional ridicule.” Zuchu posted on Instagram.

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