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Diamond Platnumz on the spot for ‘ignoring’ baby mama Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Diamond Platnumz recently appeared to ignore baby mama Hamisa Mobetto and son Dylan Abdul Naseeb and elected to spend time with three of his other children.

Diamond celebrated Tiffah, Nillan, and Naseeb Junior, and posted pictures of his video chat with Naseeb Junior and a conversation with Tiffah and Nillan on Instagram.

However, Dylan was not mentioned in any of his posts.

Hamisa Mobetto has previously spoken out about the popular musician’s lack of involvement in their son’s life.

In August 2022, Diamond is reported to have snubbed Dylan on his 5th birthday and Hamisa expressed her confusion about it.

“To tell the truth, I have no idea why Diamond skipped Dylan’s birthday. I think he is in a better position to respond to that matter because I am a person who doesn’t ask. I think it was his decision; somebody just wakes up and decides,” Hamisa said.

In September 2022, Hamisa suggested that Diamond was not fulfilling his fatherly duties to Dylan. When Wasafi FM presenter Baba Levo suggested that Diamond was “pouring money” for child upkeep, Hamisa dismissed the claim and asked where the money was being poured.

Which rich man, let’s start from there? Where is he pouring the money? I can accompany you while we pick up the money,”

she wrote on Instagram, asking Baba Levo to escort her to pick up the money.

In December 2022, Hamisa was outraged by several reports that claimed Dylan was not Diamond’s biological son. Social media pages in Tanzania were filled with claims that Nandy’s husband Billnass was Dylan’s father.

Mobetto confronted some of the netizens discussing her son’s paternity on Instagram gossip pages. She eventually took to her own Instagram account to dismiss the claims.

“I have never understood how adults sit down and start talking about a five-year-old child as if they were there when he was born,” she ranted.

Diamond has not responded publicly to any of these claims about his relationship with Dylan or his parenting duties.

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