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Diamond Platnumz reacts to witchcraft allegations

Diamond Platnumz addressed rumours circulating on social media alleging his involvement in witchcraft.

The Tanzanian superstar found himself at the center of controversy after a peculiar incident involving his green baseball cap.

During an event in Dodoma, Diamond’s green cap was reportedly stolen, prompting him to instruct his bodyguard to retrieve it.

This action sparked a flurry of criticism from online commentators, with many insinuating supernatural connections to the retrieval of the cap.

However, Diamond vehemently denied any involvement in witchcraft during the press conference.

“It is not witchcraft-infused or anything of the sort. It’s not that expensive as well,” he said.

Explaining his attachment to the cap, Diamond revealed the sentimental value behind it.

“I was in South Africa, and I really looked for a cap that was closed in the back, but most of them had an opening. I went through an entire mall and only found one cap, which is this one and bought it. And this was a perfect time,” he explained.

For Diamond, the cap symbolised not only a fashion statement but also the memories of the struggle he endured to find it.

“When I went to Dodoma, it was stolen, how do I let it go?” he questioned.

The incidence happened in December, 2023.

The footage revealed Diamond, surrounded by an entourage of heavy security, making his way through a lively crowd.

Dressed in a sleek black outfit and a matching green cover-up shirt, the ‘Yatapita’ hitmaker sported his iconic Grass HWC Celtics Cap from Mitchell & Ness, completing his distinctive look.

As Diamond navigated through the crowd towards his waiting car, a hand emerged from the throng, swiftly grabbing the coveted cap.

The artist was visibly stunned, making a brief pause to assess the situation before continuing towards his vehicle, disappointment evident on his face at the loss of his possession.

Attempting to identify the culprit, Diamond’s security guard leaped into action, but the elusive cap-snatcher had vanished into the crowd.

Expressing his frustration, Diamond issued instructions to his team, emphasizing the significance of the cap and instructing them to retrieve it.

“Onesmo, the cap must be found because it has many memories. Almost all the outfits I brought today go with this cap. How do I wear it now? Onesmo, I don’t want him to come to the hotel; let him find it on his own,” Diamond conveyed to his team.

Fans were quick to question the value of the cap, with many suggesting that, given Diamond’s financial means, he could easily replace it.

A check revealed that the Grass HWC Celtics Cap from Mitchell & Ness comes with a price tag of Sh6298.56 (Euro 37.95).

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