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Diamond Platnumz stresses respect for Wasafi rules amid D Voice entry

Diamond Platnumz, the renowned Tanzanian artist and founder of Wasafi Record Label has made it clear that the rules and regulations governing artist contracts within his label will be strictly adhered to, regardless of the circumstances.

Diamond’s statement came on the heels of the official introduction of D Voice as the latest addition to the Wasafi Record Label roster.

D Voice joins the ranks of artists under Diamond’s influential label.

Addressing the issue of artists leaving the Wasafi stable, Diamond asserted:

“All artistes leave WCB ready to support themselves. They make mistakes by wanting to leave in the wrong ways. All those who have left, there is none who have won the case. We always win in court cases because we are just. They pay everything required when they quit the record label.”

Highlighting the importance of the business aspect, Diamond emphasized:

“This is my investment, and everyone has to respect that. This is strictly business, but I chose who to invest in and sign to my record label.”

He went on to clarify that despite the strict rules, the ultimate goal is to help artists succeed.

“I am not signing them to make money but to help them work and get money,” Diamond explained.

Speaking about his newest signing, D Voice, Diamond described him as a star with a thirst for success.

“He is original and has done music, and people know him. He is thirsty for success. The management was ready to sign an artiste in the record label. He is also very easy to learn. He is a star, and that is why we unveiled him through an album.”

D Voice’s recent signing solidifies his position as the sixth member of the current WCB Wasafi roster, joining the ranks of Tanzanian luminaries such as Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, Mbosso, Lavalava, and Queen Darleen.

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