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Diamond speaks on why he was hospitalized over Christmas

By Freya Wanjiku December 31st, 2022 2 min read

Tanzanian Bongo Flava artiste Diamond Platnumz has opened up on why he was hospitalized. Diamond, who spent his Christmas in a hospital bed, also shared what his doctor advised on matters taking care of his health.

In an interview on Wasafi, the Chitaki hitmaker revealed that overworking himself and not getting sufficient rest had resulted in him being sick.

“I was not resting. I am working on my album that was supposed to be released this year but it could not because I’m still working on it such that when it is released it brings respect to Tanzania,” he said.

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Then added, “I own almost four companies and have many employees so when things are tough in the companies, you get stressed up and can get ill.”

However, Diamond disclosed that he was advised to take at least six hours of rest per night to avoid falling sick again, adding that he never rested well at night.

“Every 10:00am I must be in the office so that means waking up on or before 8:00 am. I will stay in the office till 4:00pm or 5:00pm then I head to the gym where I work out till 7:00pm or 8:00pm then I head to the studio. So I have been spending quite a lot of time there sometimes leaving at 6:00am the next day then the cycle continues. I was resting for a very short time.”

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On Christmas day, the Waaah hitmaker shared a video of himself in a hospital bed, seemingly debilitated as doctors injected his left hand.

He held his head in agony as those surrounding his bed assured him the process would not be painful as they drew blood from his hand.

However, he left the hospital hours later, thanking his fans for praying and sending him consoling messages.