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Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto’s new bae unmasked

Tanzanian businesswoman, Hamisa Mobetto, has sparked excitement among her fans after she revealed her new love interest.

Through her Instagram stories, the mother of two has been sharing glimpses of a mysterious man without disclosing too many details about their relationship.

In one of her posts, Mobetto shared a photo of herself holding the mysterious man, describing him as “her man” accompanied by love emojis. In another photo, she posted an image of him without revealing his face.

Social media investigators have managed to unmask the man as Kevin Sowax, who resides in France. According to his social media profiles, he is involved in the car business.

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Mobetto’s fans have have expressed their thoughts on the new development on her love life.

“Come now, you need to pay the bride price so that we, your online in-laws, can approve and introduce you to the uncles,” commented i.know.ryt.

“Greetings, in-laws. We Tanzanians have come, brothers and sisters of our dear sister Hamisa. We love you, in-law. May your love last, and please, let him go so that we can do our traditional rituals,” said charity_djuma_shaban.

“After thorough investigation, it turns out that our in-law is in the business of selling fancy cars and trucks,” divo_kidumba said.

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In August last year, Mobetto received a brand new Range Rover as a gift from her mysterious lover. Although she did not disclose the giver’s identity, Mobetto shared videos capturing the moment she was surprised with the luxurious car.

The video, shot in what appeared to be a luxurious hotel, shows a well-dressed gentleman approaching a dining table where Mobetto is seated with a female companion.

After a brief conversation, he escorted the two ladies through several doors to a room where the Range Rover is parked. Overwhelmed by the surprise, Mobetto expressed her gratitude and admiration for her man.

“There are men, and then there is my man right here. Thank you, baby… I literally want to cry. Thank you for showing me what true love is. You have been nothing but the best thing that has happened to me,” she wrote.

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