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Diamond’s dad Mzee Abdul ‘clarifies’ Hamisa Mobetto paternity drama

Tensions and speculations have been brewing around the paternity of Hamisa Mobetto’s son, Dylan.

This is after he was conspicuously absent during a recent family gathering that included Diamond Platnumz’s other children, Princess Tiffah, Nillan, and Naseeb Junior.

Mzee Abdul, Diamond Platnumz’s father, took it upon himself to shed some light on the matter, putting the speculations to rest.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Mbengo TV, he affirmed that Dylan is, indeed, Diamond’s son.

“I was present at the time of Dylan’s birth, and I can confidently confirm that he is Diamond’s son. Let’s not get caught up in stories for which we have no evidence. We shouldn’t lend an ear to outsiders. I am absolutely certain he is Diamond’s son.”

Mzee Abdul urged people to refrain from involving children in their parents’ drama, especially when they go their separate ways.

He pointed out that if there were any issues regarding the child’s parentage, there would have been legal actions or disputes in court.

However, none of that has transpired, indicating that there is no controversy surrounding Dylan’s paternity.

“Why hasn’t Diamond taken legal action or gone to court to deny paternity and refuse to provide for Hamisa’s child if he truly believed he wasn’t the father? Why did he give the child his name? Let’s avoid dragging children into their parents’ disagreements when they part ways. Other matters should be addressed by the parents themselves,” Mzee Abdul asserted.

Mzee Abdul also drew parallels between the situation with Dylan and the past issues between himself, Diamond, and Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote.

“Whatever is happening is exactly what happened to me and Diamond and his mother, Mama Dangote. Let us stop feeding children with negativity about their parents,” he said.

He emphasized that he maintains regular contact with Hamisa to check on the well-being of his grandchild.

“She is a good woman and she has never dismissed me whenever I call to check on her, ” he said.

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