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Diamond’s new flame singer Fantana mercilessly trolls Zari Hassan

Diamond Platnumz’s rumoured new flame, Fantana, has sparked a heated controversy with her recent verbal attack on his former partner and baby mama, Zari Hassan.

Fantana, a self-proclaimed queen of dancehall and American-Ghanaian artiste, has been making waves as one of the featured personalities on Netflix’s reality show ‘Young, Famous & African’ for its second season.

But it seems her newfound fame has not shielded her from drama and public feuds.

The root of the conflict lies in the fact that both women have fallen for Diamond’s charms.

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Sources reveal that Fantana and Zari were once very close. However, tensions began to rise when Zari warned Fantana of Diamond’s intentions, warning her that he was more interested in lust than true love.

This did not sit well with Fantana and soon their relationship took a different turn, with the two celebrities engaging in a war of words that played out on social media.

The clash began when Zari called out her ex, Diamond, and publicly asked him to stop talking about her with his current girlfriends, including Fantana.

Zari took the opportunity to criticise Fantana for what she perceived as a failed music career and even made comments about the 25-year-old’s failed plastic surgery.

In her outburst, Zari claimed Diamond was allowing his romantic liaisons to disrespect her.

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She went on to say: “I’m a whole married woman now and your sh*t didn’t fit in with my marriage. The show only editing the parts that suit them is absurd. I’ve made it clear I’m with someone now; I can’t have children with you. How everyone thinks so highly of you to disrespect me is sad… I’m not asking for a penny from you because I’m taking care of my own sh*t,” she explained.

Fantana didn’t hold back in her response, taking to her Instagram Stories, she threw jabs at Zari, calling her a fake billionaire.

She mocked Zari’s claims of wealth and criticised her cosmetic improvements.

“Failed career? What have you achieved by the time you were 25? You found access to an iPhone and bought internet and built a fake a** life,” Fantana told Zari.

The little-known artist also mentioned Zari’s past controversies, including a leaked sex tape, as she attempted to tarnish Zari’s reputation.

“And let’s not forget your s*x tape because you think you’re better than everyone and now you’re married to a high school boy… you shake every time you see me for real.”

During her introduction on the reality show, the 25-year-old artist mentioned her struggle with a quick temper and her efforts to improve herself.

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