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Diamond’s raunchy dance with female fan lights up social media – VIDEO

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has lit up social media after a video emerged online showing him engaging in a raunchy dance with an unidentified woman.

The video shows a poorly lit room full of people with the singer standing with a lady wearing a body con red dress, enthusiastically dancing with him.

The lady gives her back to Diamond and winds her waist in a circular motion to match the beats of one of his hit songs Nasema Nawe that plays in the background.

The singer is also seen encouraging the lady to grind her bottom on him.

The video shared in the Facebook closed group Chit Chat for Nairobi Mums elicited mixed reactions from the members.


Diamond jetted into the Nairobi on Wednesday for the launch of his latest album A Boy from Tandale. According to reports the video was taken at the location of the after party from the launch.

“Kama hangekuwa ameachana na Zari zarinah angekuwa na panadol mkononi,” said one group member.

“I give up on chibu sasa hewoooo,” exclaimed another group member.

“Huyo mwanamke si anajua kusugua not knowing that chibu is busy making arrangements with the other lady wee celebs wana wenyewe,” commented another group member.

“Wanaweka mnapenda kupea Chibu wangu temptations sana,” said another group member.

“Ningekua uyo dame nigeuke nipate anapiga story nauko singefurahi aki but anakua kudance. A boy from tandale akijaribu kudance na mimi atanigonga kofi na atembee,” wrote one group member.

“Uyo ako apo nyuma na nguo ya white anajaribu kuona kama chibudey atageuka,” suggested another group member.

“I know lazima apachike wacentral wa kiambu mimba,” said one group member.

“Chibudi atatuonyesha mambo,” wrote another group member.

“Wololo na hivyo ndio tutapata baby mama,” said one group member.