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Diamond’s sister Esma married as 5th wife

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma is officially off the market after being married as the fifth wife.

Esma posted on Instagram pictures of herself and new husband, accompanied by a comment that finally put to rest ongoing speculations on her nuptials.

In one of the pictures, she is captured being given the Quran (the Islamic religious book) by her husband.

She looks radiant in her green and gold wedding gown while her husband is clad in the traditional Islamic men’s attire.

“Asante kwa Zawadi hii kubwa ya Msahafu rafiki yangu sanaaa mpk kufikia Mke na Mume ila nishakulilia sana Ktk Mahusiano yangu so Unanijua vizuri nakujua vizuri basi INSHALLAH!!! #mkeWaTano,” wrote Esma Platnumz.

“Mungu akatupe Mwisho mwema tuzikane Inshallah my Best Friend My Mume ?,” she added.

The couple chose to celebrate their big day away from the spotlight with only close family.

Not much is known about Esma’s new husband and it appears she wants it to remain that way.

Interestingly, her famous brother, singer Diamond and their mother are yet to post or comment on the wedding.

Esma has in the past been involved in a whirlwind relationship with actor Petit man Wakuache who also happens to be the father of her daughter Taraji.

Below are some comments from netizens on her secret wedding.

“Mabrouk mabrouk ❤,” said video vixen Hamissa Mobetto.

“Awwww Mashallah Hongera Babe ❤ Ikawe Kheryyy ❤,” wrote wema_memes.

“Mabrouk Alf mabrouk.Go where happiness lives. You deserve it,” commented former radio presenter Esther Ingolo.

“Bismillah MashaAllah habibty na ikawe kheir ,Mungu awaepushe na hasad za dunia IshaAllah mke wa 5❤❤,” stated cocobeautytz.

“Mashallah habibty❤? hongeraaa karibu chamaniiii,” said malika_designs.

“Hee kumbe kweli… sa tutaambia nini watuu, Wambeya tumekwishaaaa,” remarked kikiakee_fan_page.