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Diana B ‘amerudi soko’ with disses to several Kenyan celebs

In her latest song, Narudi Soko, upcoming rapper Diana Bahati has dissed several renowned Kenyans. Loosely translated, kurudi soko is a Swahili slang phrase meaning bouncing back from disappointment and heartbreaks like nothing happened and becoming a better version of yourself.

As soon as the chorus is over where Diana B raps, “form ni kuoga na kurudi soko.” The first people on her hit list are influencer Amber Ray, her former married boyfriend Jimal Rohosafi and his ex-wife, Amira.

“Amber Ray akanotice ulafi akatoka Jimal roho safi, naye Jimal karudia mama kumaliza lawama,” Diana B raps in reference to Jimal cheating on Amira with Amber Ray, but dumping Amber when she got pregnant and he tried getting back with Amira. Amira snubbed him and Jimal began dating and impregnated his employee who recently gave birth.

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Diana B also disses singer Tanasha Donna for failing to be sweet enough so that the Toyota Prado she had been driving wouldn’t have been repossessed by the person who gave it to her. Her baby daddy is Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platnumz and he gifted her a car during their relationship stint.

Diana B also hits out at Diamond’s current girlfriend, singer Zuchu, who she claims was giving him wife benefits thinking that she could prevent him from going back to the streets where he is infamous.

Next on her hit list is controversial radio personality Andrew Kibe with whom she has been beefing online. She tells him he is a poor man who will die and be buried in the ghetto even though he permanently relocated to the United States of America.

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“Andrew Kibe wewe unatusi watu na wewe ni maskini… utakufa ghetto… utazikwa ghetto… (Andrew Kibe you are a poor man who keeps on abusing people…. when you die you will be buried in the ghetto,” she sings.

Andrew Kibe is on record for saying he doesn’t care about anything, including what Diana B thinks about him.

“So Diana went out there and she is trying to get my attention that I’m broke. It doesn’t matter. Whether you have money or not, as long as you are content. Have you ever seen a mentally ill person? The person is usually not stressed because he/she doesn’t have bills to pay and doesn’t care about combing the hair or any other thing. So you want me to start caring about things? I have reduced my care to zero,” he said.