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Diana Marua asked to give DK Kwenye beat weight loss tea

Upcoming rapper and social media influencer Diana Marua Bahari was asked by her followers to give her husband’s friend, musician DK Kwenye Beat, weight loss tea. Diana advertises a tummy weight loss tea she began taking after giving birth to her daughter in November 2022.

DK Kwenye Beat, born David Kilonzo, is a close friend of Bahati Kenya, born Kevin Kioko, and his wife Diana. The three are often captured spending time together video taping projects and social media content.

DK’s stomach once again became subject of weighty conversations after Diana Marua uploaded a behind the scenes video of her husband shooting a music video at a resort in coastal Kenya and DK was watching the shoot from the poolside. Donning a white, body fitting vest, beach shorts and a bandana, DK’s stomach protruded massively from his short frame, as he keenly watched Bahati sing to a young women dressed in a skimpy bikini and sitting inside a pool.

“Mpe dk ile chai yako ya flat tummy,” said Valleysevie to which responded by saying, “Actually DK would be the best brand ambassador for that burning tea.”

“Dk ashugulikie hiyo tumbo.. itakuja muangusha chini siku moja akitembea… (DK should take care of his stomach. It will come to trip him up one day while he walks)” added Vee Mresh.

A host of comments echoed the above, as many called on DK to improve on his gym work efforts.

In 2018, DK Kwenye Beat embarked on losing weight after being the target of trolls beginning 2017. As he rose to fame, he cut across as an average man with average weight but soon, he became extremely big bodied. He joined a gym in 2018 and for three years, worked to reduce his weight and posted before and after photos in 2021.

“Since November last year, it has been like a song. DK you need to work out, DK you need to hit the gym. For emphasis, memes have been created and shared online. I have seen it all and I almost quit social media but I resolved to stay and respond to the criticism with love, with my story. When I started out, most people knew me as a petite guy,” said DK in 2021 as he announced he had changed and cleaned up his eating habits.

However, from the photos he posted in 2021 of his new weight, it would appear he has put the weight back on since marrying and welcoming a child.

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