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‘Diana Marua doesn’t serve me food!’ Bahati on conflict in marriage

Singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have taken to social media to showcase their love and unique way of managing disagreements within their marriage.

Bahati, renowned for his heartfelt music and generous gestures, has been showering Diana with various gifts in the lead-up to their seventh year of togetherness.

The public display of affection has not gone unnoticed, and Diana has shared her appreciation for these thoughtful gifts with her followers.

Recently, Diana delighted fans by showcasing the array of presents Bahati has lovingly gifted her on numerous occasions.

Amidst the heartfelt exchanges and grand gestures, Diana took a moment to address speculations that had surfaced regarding the authenticity of these gifts.

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She expressed her confidence in Bahati and assured everyone that they should expect something extraordinary for their upcoming anniversary.

Nonetheless, the couple’s public displays of affection were momentarily interrupted when Bahati shared some candid revelations in a new video on their YouTube channel.

In a surprising confession, Bahati accused his wife, Diana, of a peculiar behavior pattern during disagreements in their relationship.

Bahati disclosed, “Even when I am upset with Diana, I make it a point to fulfill my commitments, attend meetings, and secure deals for her as usual.”

On the flip side, Bahati revealed that Diana adopts a different approach during their arguments. “I can wake up and she has upset me or hurt me, and I will still go to a meeting and express admiration for her. But as long as Diana is angry with me, she refuses to serve me food,” Bahati explained.

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He described his experience of coming home to find Diana asleep and having to make meal preparations for himself.

Bahati went on to reveal a peculiar pattern, stating that during times of tension, Diana tends to post motivational and inspirational content on social media rather than showcasing their relationship.

“But as long as Diana is angry at me, she does not even serve me food. I usually find her asleep, so I have to plan myself. Even if I burn myself in the kitchen. When we are not on good terms, she cannot post me, she will write quotes. Any day you see her being motivational and inspirational, just know we are not on good terms,” he said.