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Diana Marua is the newest rapper in town

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has gotten the streets talking after making her debut as the newest female rapper in town.

With her debut track, ‘Hatutaachana tu’, Diana Marua, who is now referring to herself as Msupa D, revealed the making and inspiration behind this new found interest and journey into the music industry.

“I’m the one who wrote the lyrics. What I sang was the story of my life. I jotted it all down. Msupa D is in the building. Let’s see how it goes,” Diana said.

The YouTube star further explained how she came up with the song idea, stating that she thought deeply about the kind of message she wanted to pass across.

“My hit ‘hatutaachana tu’ is a response to my husband’s song ‘Mtaachana tu’ which is what I thought of launching my music career with. That was the goal behind it all,” she said.

In the new song, Diana sings about her successful marriage amidst claims that she would part ways with her husband. She cites examples of media personalities whose romantic relationships have since failed.

After releasing the song, Diana gave a hint of what her fans should expect from her, saying that she has been working on other songs which will be out soon.

“I have composed other songs, I’ve already recorded an audio and another the video, and I’m looking forward to releasing it in the next two weeks,” she said.

Diana is known to be a successful YouTube sensation, a feat that has seen the star garner more than 500,000 subscribers on her channel.

She mainly vlogs lifestyle, beauty, family and other life experiences which continue to make her traffic grow stupendously.

Talking about her new journey, the new artiste said that her inspiration came from the need to try something new for herself, as people are so used to her content on YouTube.

“My inspiration came from Diana Bahati coming out differently,” she said.

“It started off as fun. I’ve been taking my husband for studio sessions every once in a while and one day my husband is the one who actually encouraged me and pushed me and told me ‘by the way babe you can do this’. I remember there’s a time I did a remix of ‘One and Only’ by Tanasha and him, and people laughed. I then said I was gonna do it.”

Delving deeper into the reason she has decided to join the music industry, Diana went on:

“I’ve joined the music industry just to try something different, because in growth, in anything you strive to do, you should strive to get to the next level every other time. I wasn’t sitting down doing vlogging and content creation for me to remain there forever. You have to spread your wings. Content creation is what puts food on my table, among other things, so music is now my baby and I am not willing to let go of any one of them.”

However, singing, as confessed by the new artiste, isn’t quite her forte, but she believes that her rapping skills are commendable.

“I can’t sing, I can only rap. Rap is a vibe,” she said.

Here is how Kenyans on Twitter reacted to Diana’s new song:

Prior to the release of the new song, an elated Bahati posted about his wife’s maiden song while introducing her as the newest female rapper in town.

On the other hand, Diana noted that in just four hours she had hit 100,000 views mark on YouTube, becoming the first female rapper to hit such views.

“The first upcoming artiste to set such a record… for those who have watched my first song on YouTube, do you all agree that I’m Kenya’s queen of afro rap????” she asked.