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Diana Marua slams fan who suggested Bahati could sire another kid with ex-girlfriend

Rapper Diana Marua has slammed a fan who suggested her husband Kelvin Kioko alias Bahati could sire another child with his baby mama Yvette Obura.

It started when Marua shared a video of Instagram showing her daughter Heaven refusing to let go of Ms Obura saying, “Mueni is her sister and I am her baby.”

Obura and Bahati, a popular musician and aspiring politician, also have a kid from previous relationship.

A shocked Marua posted saying, “Just like that @HeavenBahati has found another mummy.”

In response, the fan said, “Diana, I repeat…you will regret it, just a matter of time, her second-born will be Bahati kid once again.” Marua answered her saying, “Kila mtu afagie kwake (Clean your home). Watoto ni Baraka ama (Children are blessings)”

Marua and Obura relationship has left many people surprised considering very few individuals are willing to associate themselves with their partner’s exes.

However, in a past interview, Obura disclosed it took her four years to move on and eventually get over the grudge with her baby daddy Bahati and Marua.

With Obura struggling to accept how Bahati had moved on just immediately after their break-up, Marua admits the revelation of Bahati having a child when their relationship was getting more serious was a bitter pill to swallow.

Nonetheless the two reconciled with Obura and Bahati co-parenting drama free and Marua with Obura’s relationship becoming better by the day.

Many a times will the two gush praises on each other on Instagram while celebrating each other.