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Diana reveals how she deals with baby mama issues in her marriage to Bahati

Gospel singer Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua has revealed the fine details of how she is able to keep her family happy and drama free, including her husband’s first born daughter, a child he got from a previous relationship.

Diana has also spoken about how it is like being in a marriage where her husband has to be in constant contact with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his first born daughter Mueni.

Diana says that after having a serious conversation with Bahati about his baby mama, she decided to put the needs of the child first.

Her goal, she says, is to see Mueni and her other siblings share a loving bond.

“Bahati was very open with me when we got into a relationship, he was very open with the fact that he has a daughter somewhere. And me getting myself into the relationship, of course I knew what I was getting into,” Diana said in her YouTube channel, Diana Bahati.

“I was not into the issue of how baby mama relationships are with the current girlfriend that was not in my mind. I was like you know what we will just deal with it,” she says.

“I did not have a problem with that, and the fact that they have a daughter together it goes without saying that they have to communicate. Because it is all about Mueni. Most of the time Mueni would come home to see heaven and her brothers and I do not have a problem with that. And there is nothing as rewarding as when Mueni who is not my child would come to me with confidence asking for my help to come and solve a small conflict that arises between her and her siblings while playing,” she continues.

During the question and answer session on her YouTube channel, the mother of two also revealed how she used to be affected by the negative comments from online critics to a point she would cry herself to sleep each night.

“I remember sometime back negativity really used to get to me. You know cyber bullying, people who say trash about you and I remember it got to a point when I used to cry myself to sleep. I even used to go to my hubby and tell him I cannot do this anymore,” she says.

“But with time God gives you the grace cause it reached to a point where I said this is the life I chose and whatever I do people are going to attack me,”

Diana’s views are somehow different from Yvette Obura, Bahati’s baby Mama, who has in the past claimed that co-parenting her daughter with the artiste is hard.

Yvette also said that they argue a lot on how to raise their daughter.

Bahati and Yvette broke up after the birth of their daughter. The Nyota hit maker later started dating Diana leading to the couple’s traditional wedding in 2017.