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Did Azziad Nasenya intimidate woman who accused her of being a con?

By Winnie Mabel September 13th, 2022 2 min read

Last week, a make-up artiste, Gabrielle Bm, sensationally claimed that Tik Toker Azziad Nasenya and a corporate partner conned participants in an online challenge by the influencer.

Nairobi News previously reported that Gabrielle said 10 winners were selected and invited to the launch of the Azziad bag, one made from a collaboration between the Tik Toker and Denri Africa – a bag making company.

The winners were to be given the bag and a cash price. All but three received the cash and this became the bone of contention as Denri claimed Azziad had never told them there was a cash price on offer. On the other hand, Azziad claimed it was mismanagement on Denri’s side. Two months later after a back and forth, the three were allegedly paid.

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Azziad excused herself claiming she had been too busy to know that Gabrielle and two others hadn’t been paid for their work submitted for the challenge and wining. She also claimed Gabrielle had never contacted her considering Gabrielle producing evidence showing she had reached out to the influencer.

“Had I known about it earlier I would have escalated it. She was paid her money before she uploaded the video. I know she will not tell you that. But it is okay. I don’t want to say I’m a billionaire but I’m blessed. I do not con people. If a WhatsApp number chats you and says I’m Azziad and promises to give you money. Don’t be gullible. In this economy who will give you money,” Azziad previously said.

In response to Azziad’s statements, Gabrielle returned to Tik Tok on Monday, September 12, 2022, to give an update on how the matter further unfolded. She said Denri Africa called her several times with demanding questions and explanations over what transpired but then sent her cash winnings. The two apologized to Gabrielle and owned up to their mistakes.

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“… I was like, ok, thank you, no problem. A lot of people came out bashing me, telling me things including Morgan and asking me why I posted the last two videos if I had already been paid. This is my platform and I post what I post for the sake of people who I want to help. Simply because you noticed that this information is already out there, you want to intimidate me with sending the money immediately so that I possibly don’t post part 3 and 4? But the thing is, I cannot start a story and not finish it just for the sake of yourself,” Gabrielle said.

Gabrielle said that she knew there were names and reputations to protect but she never went online to tarnish anyone’s name as she’d been accused of doing. She said she stated facts as they were presented to her by both Azziad and Denri, and not hypothetical things.

She took comfort in that no other content creator would be treated badly because of miscommunications and mismanagement in upcoming challenges. She also called out those who went live in attempts to tarnish her own name and told them to move on.

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