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Did Blessing Lung’aho cause Jacky Matubia, Milly Chebby’s beef?

By Rajab Zawadi November 4th, 2023 2 min read

Content Creator Milly Chebet has described her fallout without time close friend actress Jackie Matubia as ‘seasons of life’.

The one-time inseparable friends are no longer exchanging the sisterly energy juices they had captivated their online audience with.

They shared a bond so much so that they became an inspiration to their online legions, especially from their content collaborations.

In July 2023, hawk-eyed fans noticed a discord between the two after noticing the creatives were no longer collaborating on content and neither were they sharing photos and videos of their good times on social media as was the case before.

The rumour of their fallout hit the social waves in early 2023 and the signs of the strain in their relationship continued to be very evident after they unfollowed each other on Instagram (an indication of a split in this era) to Matubia missing Milly Chebet’s recent traditional wedding in Eldoret.

When Matubia was pressed on why she missed the event, she playfully responded by claiming she didn’t have the energy to defend herself citing the tak of being a single woman and roho mbaya (bad intentions) that had been directed towards her.

Even though both remain cagey on the exact cause of their fall out, word on the street has it that the cause of their feud is actor Blessing Lung’aho, Matubia’s ex-boyfriend.

“From what I understand having interacted with both of them at a personal level the cause of their discord is Blessing. Milly reprimanded Jackie on the manner in which she handled her break up with him, always throwing tantrums at him. Milly felt there would have been a better way to address the issue. This didn’t sit well with Jackie who probably expected Milly to be on her corner and so the girls went to ‘war’,” a close source told Hot Topics.

Ever since Matubia’s broke up with Lung’aho she has been vocal attacking him online with the actor choosing to remain silent every other time.

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