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Did doctors advice Jimal Rohosafi’s ex-wife Amira not to get intimate?

Socialite Amira has shared documents that appear to suggest that she was once advised by doctors to abstain from sex.

In response to an ongoing online war with her ex-husband Jimal RohoSafi Mohammed, Amira unveiled what resembled a medical report that suggested she had been pregnant and suffered a miscarriage in 2021.

“This is to confirm the above-named client (Jimal Amira) has been reviewed at our clinic. She is a high-risk patient with prior history of first-trimester miscarriage. We advise her to abstain from sexual intercourse until further advised,” read the said doctor’s note dated January 18, 2021.

Incidentally, it was around the same time that her ex-husband, an influential businessman, was enjoying a scandalous affair with Instagram influencer Amber Ray.

He has insisted there had been no pregnancy in the first place.

In their ongoing online war months after their divorce, Amira unveiled what looked like hospital documents that suggested she had been pregnant but suffered a miscarriage.

She also posted a photo of the pregnancy kit with the results showing she was pregnant, and the photo details revealed that it was reportedly taken on December 31, 2020, at 6:52 AM.

“Haya, am just from watching the interview…let me pull out my cards too…This man said I wasn’t pregnant right? This is just the tip of the iceberg,” Amira threatened.

For the past week, Amira and Jimal have been trading barbs online following an Instagram question-and-answer session where Amira answered her followers’ questions. In some of her answers, she revealed that Jimal had beat her until she suffered a miscarriage; accusing him of being domestically violent to the point of beating her in front of their children and his parents.

She also said Jimal was a toxic man and she regretted staying in the marriage for long for the sake of their sons; and would never have chosen a man like him to be her husband or children’s father if she had to do it all over again.

Amira and Jimal got pregnant while Jimal and Amber were already having an affair in secret. It was in the same month of December 2020 that tea master Edgar Obare exposed their relationship, leading to years of drama between the three- and they laid it bare for Kenyans to see online.

“When she noticed my friendship with Amber was advancing, she sat me down and asked me about it, but I played it down to buy me more time so that I can plan on how I will break the news to her, but my relationship with Amber got exposed on Edgar Obare’s blog forcing me to come up with a plan sooner. I apologized to my wife and admitted that Amber and I were actually more than friends. As usual, you know the nature of women; she didn’t want to share me with anyone. So she got upset, argued, and we ended up not talking for close to a week, and my family had to come in,” Jimal claimed in a past media interview.

During this affair, Jimal also got Amber Ray pregnant but when she told him that they were expecting a baby, Jimal dumped her and went running back to his wife, asking her to take him back with a long apology written on his social media accounts.

In this 2023 drama, Jimal claimed that the apology had been written by Amira and that she said she would forgive him for cheating on her if he publicly posted the apology. He also accused Amira of being bitter with him after he withdrew his financial support for their kids. He said they should each look after the kids and if she was unable to, she should hand them over to him.

The drama continues…

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