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Did Emmy Kosgei vote in the Nigerian elections?

Debate on whether gospel singer Emmy Kosgei voted in the just concluded Nigerian general elections have stirred controversy on social media.

Emmy married Nigerian Pastor Anselm Madubuko in September 2013 and has since relocated to the west African country.

According to the Nigerian constitution, a person can be registered as a citizen if the President is satisfied that they are of good character, have shown clear intention of a desire to be domiciled in Nigeria and have taken the oath of allegiance.

The provisions of that section in their constitution applies to any woman who is or has been married to a citizen of Nigeria.


Clearly, Emmy qualifies to obtain Nigerian citizenship. And she would not be required to denounce her Kenyan citizenship because Nigerian constitution allows for dual citizenship.

The Taunet Nelel singer has announced that she did not vote in the elections in which opposition candidate Muhhamud Buhari floored incumbent Jonathan Goodluck.

In a conversation on twitter, the singer seemed annoyed by a fan who stated she could not have voted because she is not yet a Nigerian citizen.

She later responded to several enquiries and stated that she never voted as she was in Ukraine. She has been on a gospel mission in Ukraine together with her husband since last week.

In her conversation online, TV presenter Saddique Shaban asked her, “Did you, @EmmyKosgei, vote during the Nigerian elections? #Nigeriadecides.”


Before Emmy could respond, a user Ibrahim Ahmed tweeted, “@SaddiqueShaban @EmmyKosgei she only has a dependence pass.”

The gospel songbird then asked the user, “Mhhh … Who issued? Did u?”

The user explained by stating, “Do you want to tell us you have Nigerian citizenship? So how else do u live there?”

Emmy ended the conversation with a plain expression, “Ahaaaaaaa..”