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Did Jimal Rohosafi’s woman threaten to walk away following Amber Ray reunion?

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, a day after Instagram influencer Amber Ray announced that she was done with love and was now embarking on the journey of being a single mother of two, her infamous married ex-boyfriend reached out to her and offered employment.

Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi invited Amber Ray to work with his Huduma Credit Company to do an advertisement for them after she shared an advert for a mobile money application.

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“Now come and do one for Huduma Credit,” Jimal said to which Amber Ray responded by saying, “Lemme tell management to setup a meeting.”

Jimal and Amber Ray had a torrid affair while he was still married to Amira. Amira filed for divorce despite Jimal begging her for forgiveness and asking her to take him back.

Amira refused, and Jimal hit the streets again, and this time, his wandering eyes landed on Michelle Wangari Thiongo, an employee in his Huduma Credit company.

For a while, the two kept their relationship a secret, with Jimal claiming that Wangari was just his best friend.

However, best friend ended up getting pregnant, and it was then that they officially revealed that they were a couple.

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It could, therefore, have been disconcerting for Wangari to watch her boyfriend invite his infamous ex-mistress back into his life and into his company where she works as well.

This could be evidenced in several Instagram videos she shared yesterday evening, and one of them included a song, Something by Gyakie, where the female singer laments about being wronged by her bae.

The singer sings in part, “It’s like something something doing me bad, bad bad o bae yeah. Are you looking looking for me, well bye o yeah. It’s like I’m walking far away to you baby don’t try me. Come closer let me do you this, big butty bad girl, what you saying now? The way you do me so don’t call me, bye bye. I be needing my peace o oo ooo. Big butty bad girl, what you saying now?

It’s like something is running down down down below. When you do me like this and I really wanna say nice things. Just go shut your door oh, you oh you know why we’re here, it’s till we go inside that grave.”

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