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Did Karen Nyamu subtly remind Edday Nderitu she isn’t the only wife to Samidoh?

It would appear that the subtle digging at each other is ongoing between the women romantically linked to Kikuyu vernacular singer, Samidoh.

On April 19, 2023, his mistress, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu appeared to subtly shade and remind his wife, Edday Nderitu, that there were two of them who could lay claim to Samidoh.

Using an innocent mummy time with her children whereby her younger son did not want her to carry her oldest daughter, Senator Nyamu captioned the moment in a manner that appeared to shade someone in her life and known to many.

“My son thinks he’s an only child…Haka kawivu ni kale tu ka mtu najua (this jealousy belongs to somebody I know),” laughed Nyamu in her caption update on Wednesday.

It could be interpreted that Nyamu was shading Edday when she brought up “an only” and the jealousy bit as these have been the key topics surrounding the dramas involving the throuple. In prior reports, Nyamu was quoted saying she would not back down from a battle against Edday in being Samidoh’s woman, and that she was not a woman to be beaten by anyone.

Nairobi News previously reported that the Senator said she was ready to be part of a polygamous marriage with Samidoh and Edday Nderitu; and that she accepted her co-wife years ago while still in the dating period with Samidoh. Her close friend also intimated that Karen Nyamu was already Samidoh’s wife despite no proof that they had made their relationship official or legal.

However, Edday, in a past social media rant, said she would never be in a polygamous marriage, much less with a woman she considered immoral and older than her by over 10 years. The rant came after Samidoh and Nyamu re-united at a funeral and got back into a relationship weeks after Nyamu drunkenly humiliated herself in Dubai.

In a past instance, Nyamu also clapped back at her relationship critics when she said she does as she pleases when it comes to being Samidoh’s woman. The response came after she was shaded for attending a renowned high school only to come and date Samidoh, a singing policeman. As criticism continues to mount regarding her interference in another woman’s marriage and having kids with her husband, Nyamu at one point defended herself and her children, saying they were just as human and Samidoh’s family as Edday and her kids are and they should be given a measure of consideration as well.

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