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Did Khaligraph buy YouTube views for new song Micasa Sucasa?

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has denied claims that he bought YouTube views to boost the number of hits for the song Micasa Sucasa.

The song, which he did with his girlfriend, rapper Cashy, has been viewed a little over a million times but many believe those numbers are not genuine.

“I have released more content than any Kenyan artiste this year. All my songs have hundreds of thousands of views but Micasa Sucasa is my biggest song ever, nothing of that sort has ever been done in Kenya,” he told Showbuzz.

“I’d love to congratulate Khaligraph for the one million views but I can’t because he most likely bought views… The song isn’t as popular as the views claim to suggest. Even the video was too basic…” blogger Philip Etemesi wrote on Facebook.

Etemesi further claims that there are songs which are “10 times popular” than Khaligraph’s with “real views” like Bank Otuch.

“You can’t claim that Khaligraph’s song is as infectious as Mungu Pekee for example, so the views are fake. You know what’s even fishier? The video was uploaded about a month ago. One million views in one month in Kenya from Khaligraph? Fans are being taken for fools,” he said.

The rapper maintains that the views are legitimate.

“Now that I know people buy views, next time I will also try to buy so that it gets to 5 million,” he said amid laughter.