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Did Matungulu School ask student to bring 200 mangoes as punishment?

By Freya Wanjiku January 30th, 2022 2 min read

Matungulu High School has refused to comment on an incident where a student was reportedly asked to bring 200 mangoes back to school after her suspension as some form of punishment.

The punishment was reportedly extended to the student after she stole mangoes, believed to be school property.

In a communique seen by Nairobi News, the school based in Tala, Machakos, also requested the parent/ guardian to accompany the suspended student back to school when her suspension period is over.

Besides, the school has, in a communique dated January 26, 2021, also asked the parent to clear all fees arrears and advice the student against the vice.

“We do not communique on individual discipline cases at the school, the school administrator told Nairobi News on phone.”

The letter has gone viral on social media eliciting varied reactions, with most however describing the punishment as harsh and unnecessary.

Another parent from a separate school in Kenya was requested to pay Sh 10,500 to cater for the special meal for the whole school.

This was after the child took two servings of special meal offered on Sunday 16/1/22.

As per the school administrator, the student made others miss food hence the punishment.

This comes a time when parents complain of being exhorted through exorbitant fees to supposedly repair for damages caused by students.

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has insisted that parents would have to bear the full cost of the raging fires, putting a heavy burden on parents who were already complaining about high fees.

While these forms of punishments are on the extreme, in the older days, students were requested to bring barbed wire fences if he or she escaped from school through the fence.

Additionally, since the eradication of the cane, students are getting punished for their offences by washing classes and verandahs, slashing grass, fetching water, cutting napier grass among others.