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Did MC Teargas cheat on baby mama DJ Julie with ‘mama fua’?

Popular reggae Deejay and Mc Teargas who also goes by the sobriquet Baba Dede has been exposed by his ex-girlfriend Julie Njoki for reportedly impregnating his house help, commonly referred to in local circles as ‘mama kufua’.

The mother of two, who is also an entertainer going by the stage name Julie The DJ, accuses the hype man of constantly cheating on her.

“A woman who loves you will stick with you no matter what, that woman is your mother, not me. Mlisema amani ya mwanaume is you let them cheat in peace, you were cheating for 8 months before I left and you’re the victim here ama ni vile you called me na private number jana mwanaume akashika now you’re pissed. A man who says analea mtoto halafu the following year kuna mwingine Kwa njia na pia 2021 let your mama fua tell us mahali alipeleka your 3rd child while I was still living with you my business partner. Shame on you for bringing kids into this you don’t love any of them. If you did you’d do better.” Njoki ranted in a long post.

Her post appeared to be in response to a screenshot she shared supposedly from another woman who is currently involved with Mc Teargas.

In the screenshots, the unknown woman appears to claim MC Teargas dumped Julie for being toxic to be with her.

And with a leaked video appearing to show Dj Brownskin trending for allegedly filming his late wife while she committed suicide last August, Julie the Dj also threatened to release a video of MC Teargas assaulting her in front of their firstborn.

“Rogers Oyuga birds of the same feather flock together, nafaa hata niwachilie video na hiyo gaidi ingine akinivuruga kwangu mbele ya Dede. Shameless human beings,” Julie reacted to a comment by a fan Roger Oyuga who attempted to draw a correlation between the two Deejays.

Julie and Mc Teargas dated for five years before their relationship soared.

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